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A small hole can make a big ship sink, similarly if there is no proper identification of risk and techniques to manage it. It leads to collapse of organization.

In today's world the challenges for treasurers are managing the risk in organization while handling the ever changing policies.

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Key themes to be addressed, but not limited to:

Discover, how risk can be identified and assessed

strategies and tools in cash flow management and forecast.

Ways to optimize the liquidity short falls and liquidity management

Better treasury risk management with new technology innovations like block chain

Knowledge of regulatory policies in benefit treasury risk management.

Who Should Attend the Treasury Risk Management Summit 2017?

Connect, share, upgrade skills interacting with your Treasury community leaders.


Chief financial officer


Head treasurer


Head corporate treasurer


Head of finance


Financial controller


Tax officer




Forex manager


Market risk manager


Operational risk manager

Why to Attend the Treasury Risk Management Summit 2017?


For better forcasting of cash flow management


To understand liquidity management in dynamic situation


To discuss how to manage liquidity risk, market risk


Ways and practices to handle interest risk

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